Home Theater Info

Home Theater 101                        "General info for beginners"
DLP Technlology                           "Info on DLP vs LCD"
DLP Technology Demo                   "Click on "Lauch our demo" on the right side"

Home Theaters

The Pit of Despair
The Rain Forest Theater
Ted White's Home Theater
Collins' Cinema
Fatbulldog Home Theater
The Mystique
The Pinebrook Cinema
Dillon Works "Star Wars"
The Magara Theater

Movie Related

The Internet Movie Database         "IMDB - Great for for all kinds of info"
Metacritic                                     "Reviews on video games and movies"

Projector Sites

Projector Central                          "Find exactly what you want"
AVPartner                                    "A good site to find out prices"
Direct Dial Canada                       "Competitive Prices"

Various Other Stuff

Monitor Magazine Online               "Links to all the computer stores in Ottawa"
Web Junkie                                  "Kind of a fun site to browse"
Rogers Text Messaging                 "Send anonymous message to your friends"